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What is the Best Time of Year to Buy Kitchen Cabinets?

February 10, 2021

The first thing you notice when you step into a kitchen is the cabinets. They can either make or break your kitchen’s style and functionality, not to mention your planned expenditure. For many homeowners, these makeovers start with buying cabinets. However, few know about the right time to purchase cabinets at a bargain.

Just like electronics and other household items, the price of kitchen cabinets fluctuates throughout the year. Thus, it’s best to stay updated on the prices since this will enable you to purchase your cabinetry at an affordable price. There are a couple of tips to keep in mind when looking for kitchen cabinet bargains, including:

Monitor Seasonal Sales

Budget notwithstanding, you can purchase cabinets at any time of the year. However, if you want to save a few coins, it’s best to look out for seasonal sales that manufacturers and retailers offer. For instance, you’re likely to find cheap bargains around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Retailers such as Authentic Custom Cabinetry also offer seasonal discounts, so be sure to be on the lookout for such.

Shop Wisely

Besides being on the lookout for seasonal sales and discounts, it’s advisable to shop smartly since this will enable you to land cheap deals. Kitchen cabinets cost thousands of dollars, but you can save money by comparing the products and prices of different retailers, choosing affordable but quality wood species, and avoiding fancy features that may balloon your budget.


Why Winter is the Best Time to Buy Kitchen Cabinets

A makeover can increase your home’s value significantly. When undertaking this project, one of the things you might want to overhaul is the cabinetry. Typically, homeowners prefer undertaking remodeling projects during the warmer months of the year. During the warmer months, it’s easier to find dry working surfaces. Besides, working in warm weather is more convenient than working in cold, rainy weather.

Nevertheless, for homeowners looking for seasonal discounts, winter is the best time for internal kitchen remodeling. After buying your pre-assembled cabinets at a bargain, you may want to save some more money by undertaking the remodeling at the right time. Although most seasonal sales are held before or during winter, many homeowners prefer to wait until it gets warmer before remodeling their kitchens.

As unpleasant as it may sound, winter is the best time to undertake a kitchen remodeling project because business is usually slow for most contractors. Often, contractors’ lower prices in winter to keep their workforce busy. Thus, you’re more likely to score discounts in winter than at other times of the year. Another advantage of remodeling your kitchen during winter is that few other people will be doing it, which translates to less competition.

In spring and summer, kitchen remodelers are often busy. Thus, remodeling at this time will leave you competing for the best contractors with dozens of other homeowners. In winter, the chances of being put on a waiting list are low. You’ll have no trouble hiring a contractor to install your cabinets. Thanks to the slow business during winter, you may even land yourself a discount from your contractor. Undertaking a kitchen remodeling project also guarantees more attention and time from a contractor.

After buying your kitchen cabinets from Authentic Custom Cabinetry, we can recommend contractors who will dedicate enough time to your project. In the warmer months of the year, home remodeling contractors often take on too many projects. Hiring contractors at this time means that they probably have other projects going on. Thus, you’re more likely to fall victim to delays or poor-quality work.   

 Remodeling your kitchen in winter has timing advantages. Since winter mostly falls during the holiday season, many homeowners travel. Thus, they can do without their kitchen for a few weeks. However, the same cannot be said about summer. It’s hard to vacate your house for renovation during summer, more so if the kids are home. Therefore, winter gives you the best opportunity to remodel with minimal disruption.

Another significant advantage of remodeling your kitchen in winter is that you’ll also score deals on appliances and other items you want to install in your kitchen. Most stores and retailers offer discounts on countertops, appliances, plumbing fixtures, water filtration systems, sinks, and other items.

When remodeling your kitchen, you’ll undoubtedly want to give it a total makeover by installing new fixtures. The entire project will be cheaper if you purchase all the necessary items during seasonal sales and install them when contractors offer the lowest prices. Therefore, winter is the best time to buy fixtures cheaply and remodel your kitchen at a bargain.

Key Takeaways

Cabinets are your kitchen’s centerpiece. They speak a lot about your style, besides defining the space. Installing beautiful and customized cabinets gives your kitchen the desired look besides increasing your home’s value. Thus, it’s best to purchase your cabinets from a retailer who understands your needs and can customize each piece to help you attain the desired look. At Authentic Custom Cabinetry, we sell a range of high-quality cabinets in different styles and finishes.

Whether you want a contemporary or farmhouse-style kitchen, we offer customized cabinets that match your needs. We provide our customers with factory-made cabinets customized to fit their construction demands and individual styles. Our cabinets are sourced from reputable manufacturers to ensure that whatever you end up with lasts for years on end. Our goal is to offer high-quality custom cabinets at affordable rates. 

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