Custom Cabinets in Chandler, AZ

For custom cabinetry and expert installation, homeowners in the Chandler, AZ area have top experts at their disposal. Our knowledgeable professions at Authentic Custom Cabinetry are known for the use of high-quality materials and attention to detail. Our installation services are tailored to each individual job with a focus on quality and safety before and during the length of your project.

For any home remodeling project, custom cabinetry adds high-end finishes and maximizes storage space, all while adding value to your home. We have several options to choose from when you are looking for the exact right cabinets to express your individual style. From cabinet design to the choice of materials, colors, and finishing details, the choices are nearly limitless, so take the time to work with a professional cabinetry company that can bring your design vision to life.

  • Kitchens

    Your kitchen is the heart of your home. In many homes, it is the most important room in the home. Getting this space right requires the perfect balance of form and function while maximizing your use of the space. This means you need cabinetry that is functional, beautiful, and that does not overwhelm the room. More importantly, you need kitchen cabinets that don’t break the budget.

  • Bathrooms

    Your bathroom is the room you hope to escape to and wash away the worries of your day. Getting the décor, especially the bathroom cabinets right can make a world of difference, allowing you to keep the items you need close at hand without sacrificing beauty, style, or practicality in the process.

  • Offices

    Home offices are taking on new meaning in Chandler, and beyond. It is more important than ever for home office spaces and office cabinets to be useful, practical, and up to the challenge of working long hours at home comfortably. Additionally, you want office cabinets that are beautiful reflections of your personal style and tastes.

Popular Chandler, AZ Cabinet Styles


Contemporary Cabinets

If your design aesthetic is contemporary, you can achieve this look with a variety of materials and finishes. The base design of your cabinetry should advance the contemporary look, and although the simple lines of a contemporary design might seem simple, achieving this look doesn’t have to be boring. Sleek, contemporary cabinets can be produced in materials and colors that compliment your home’s architecture and fit your personal style at the same time. Using unique woods, or carefully chosen hardware will elevate the overall look.

Contemporary cabinets come in European frameless style cabinets or a front frame face style, which is standard for most American cabinetmakers. Each style has its benefits and concerns. If you seek contemporary cabinets made from unique materials, like durable plastics or polymers, working with a knowledgeable company is essential. Installation requirements can vary greatly, so you want to work with a company that understands the attributes of different materials and how to make each work in your home.

Modern European Cabinets

Modern kitchen design may share some traits with contemporary but perhaps allows for simple embellishments while still maintaining a sleek and clean look. A monochromatic look can work as a blank slate on which to add modern style with areas of color for interest and focus. Rustic or more traditional elements, like hardware or backsplash materials can work sparingly with a modern aesthetic, while still bringing in the individual’s style and perspective.

Using European frameless cabinets in a modern design will give you streamlined surfaces and optimum storage space inside your cabinets. While frameless cabinets are beautiful, because of their uniqueness, you need to work with a designer, fabricator, and installer who understand the need for precise planning and installation to achieve this look.

Traditional Cabinets

Traditional cabinet designs should never be interpreted as standard or dull! On the contrary, traditional cabinetry can encompass a tremendous array of design styles and details. Elements like recessed, paneled, or embellished cabinet fronts can provide a lush and elegant feel to kitchens and bathrooms. The addition of architectural elements, like cabinet feet, shelf supports, or corbels bring an air of permanence and historic significance to traditional cabinet pieces. And perhaps more than other design styles, traditional cabinetry lends itself to more mixing of materials and colors in the overall design.

Traditional cabinets, with their more box-like construction, offer a sturdier solution for wider cabinet expanses and may provide better support for heavy appliances. To make sure that you are using every inch of precious cabinet space, working with experts in the custom cabinetry field is important.

Get Started Upgrading Your Chandler Home

Working on improving or building someone’s home requires your trust in us. At Authentic Custom Cabinetry, we believe in making your safety our priority, so our employees will always wear a mask when working with you on your project. We maintain social distancing whenever possible and regularly test our employees for your assurance. If there is anything else you want to give you peace of mind, just ask!

How do you start? Begin by preparing a detailed list of what you want in your dream kitchen and assemble images of colors, cabinet styles, and other elements that you love. Then contact Authentic Custom Cabinetry, servicing the Chandler area with the finest selection of cabinets, countertops, hardware, and storage solutions for your home. Whatever your design aesthetic, we can help you design the kitchen, bathroom, or cabinet installation that you seek. Our design services will work within your project space to maximize every inch of storage, and our installers are experts at achieving a well-built, beautiful look that will stand the test of time.

Points of Interest & Activities in Chandler, AZ

Chandler, AZ is a great place to call home. These are only a few of the points of interest in the area to keep your family on-the-go and entertained.

KOLI Equestrian Center

Minutes from Downtown Phoenix, the KOLI Equestrian Center can be found on the Gila River Indian Community Reservation. Here you can enjoy riding trails, watch for wild horses, experience hay and wagon rides, and hold birthday parties or corporate events.

Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery

Home to the Eddie Basha Collection of Western American and American Indian art. It is the largest private collection of these priceless artifacts in the world and a sight for visitors to see. Whether you are new to the world of Western American and American Indian art or someone who already has a deep appreciation, there are so many things to see that a trip to the Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery is certainly worth the trip.

Frequently Asked Cabinet Questions

How Much Will It Cost to Renovate My Kitchen?

These costs of kitchen renovations vary greatly depending on the specific work you want to do, how much of the footprint of your kitchen changes, and the style of custom kitchen cabinetry you select.

What Styles of Cabinets Can You Offer?

We offer many styles of kitchen cabinets, including frameless, contemporary, traditional, European, and modern cabinets.