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Bathroom cabinets are a core essential of any bathroom and pave the way for a luxurious space that’s as accommodating as it is essential. The right cabinets can help you maximize space, store all of your hygienic items and increase the comfort and appeal of your bathroom. Even if it’s just a couple of cabinets, Authentic Custom Cabinetry will make sure your investment in custom bathroom cabinets is value-additive to your home. Whether you are looking for European, traditional, or contemporary-style cabinets for your Phoenix or Las Vegas home, we have you covered!

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  • Accessible Convenience

    Everyone has different expectations from their bathroom cabinets. From towels and toilet paper, to soaps and lotions, to styling equipment and cleaning products, utilizing custom made cabinets adds a dimension of convenience to your room. Everything you need to care for yourself is just a door away! We’ll help you choose cabinets specifically suited for your bathroom and make sure the style, materials and features match up perfectly with your expectations.

    Transformative Design

    Because of their imposing nature, cabinets have a profound effect on the look and feel of your space. We’ll be glad to help you plan out the right design aesthetic for your bathroom to create the right cabinetry. From dark wood finishes to offset your pristine white bath, to bold colors that complement a modern tile design, we’re masters of pairing form with function. We guarantee the cabinets you get from us will change the way you experience your bathroom—both visually and functionally.

Bathroom Remodels

Homeowners remodeling their bathrooms will typically change their cabinetry as part of the process. Even a cabinet that is still in good condition can look extremely faded. While people want their homes to be clean in general, having a clean bathroom is particularly important.
A problem with older cabinets is that they can sometimes look dirty, even if they have just been cleaned recently. This is also the case with plenty of other features. People are often surprised when they see their remodeled bathrooms. Those bathrooms will not just look much more stylish and modern, but they will often look significantly cleaner, and the process of cleaning them will be much easier.

Many cabinets are smaller and mounted on the walls of bathrooms. However, there are plenty of other types of bathroom cabinets. Installing any of these sorts of cabinets can completely change the appearance of any bathroom.

Mirrored cabinets are already more versatile than many of the alternatives. Still, the placement of these can have a strong effect on the entire room.

Some homeowners might need to remodel their bathrooms to add certain cabinets. Those who are remodeling their bathrooms anyway will have a lot of options, and they can explore the possibilities.

Trying to find the bathroom cabinets that will fit a bathroom when it is already finished is not always the most efficient way of selecting new cabinets. Newer bathroom cabinets are sometimes installed after everything else has already been completed. However, there is no need for people to work according to this schedule.

Homeowners can get the exact bathroom cabinets that they want by having them customized. Individuals who want entirely new bathrooms will find it easier to truly upgrade everything when they have cabinets that were genuinely made for these bathrooms. Authentic Custom Cabinetry can help clients with that process.

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Bathroom Remodel


Bathroom cabinets can vary based on many different characteristics. The materials used to make these cabinets can make them look very different. Some materials are also either easier or harder to clean than others. The cabinets made from some materials will look particularly stylish in some bathrooms. Authentic Custom Cabinetry can create customized cabinets made from plenty of different high-quality materials.

A cabinet’s finish can also be important. With the right finish, people can keep their cabinets in good condition for a somewhat extended period of time. High-quality cabinet finishes can also make the cleaning process much easier down the line. These finishes can change the appearance of almost any cabinet. Customers can select the perfect finish at Authentic Custom Cabinetry.

While cabinets are often regarded as fairly simple, they can actually have a relatively wide range of different features as well. Adding mirrors to the interior or exterior of bathroom cabinets can give people the chance to see themselves and everything else from different angles. Adding mirrors can be expensive and difficult, but not when those mirrors are attached to bathroom cabinets.

The shelves of cabinets can also have a strong effect on how easy it is to store everything effectively. Some cabinets can have a few shelves that create a lot of space, along with some shelves that are closer together. This sort of setup provides cabinet space more efficiently, while also making things easier to find in the cabinets.

Many subtle factors can influence a cabinet’s style. Most cabinets are rectangular and angular. Still, the cabinet doors, cabinet handles, and other design elements can change every bathroom cabinet’s overall look. There are many styles available through Authentic Custom Cabinetry.

Of course, the cabinet size is also important. Some cabinets will be either too large or too small for plenty of different bathrooms. People will not want a cabinet that is too visible and that attracts too much attention within the space. However, they also will not want cabinets that are so narrow that it is not possible to use them for effective storage. Authentic Custom Cabinetry can help people find the right balance.



Authentic Custom Cabinetry purchases materials directly from the manufacturers. The customized fixtures will be much less expensive as a result. Plenty of people would like custom cabinets of all kinds, but they’re afraid that they will not be able to afford them.
Of course, the companies that create customized bathroom cabinets won’t have to guess what people will like. They won’t accidentally end up with a lot of copies of an unpopular style. It is easier for these companies to avoid wasting materials, so customers can get what they want even more easily.

When people are deciding on options of their own, they often take the time to look at cabinets from a range of different designers and organizations. Authentic Custom Cabinetry gives people the chance to make these comparisons more easily.
After the customized cabinets are finished, customers can get the cabinetry installed. They won’t have to hire anyone else to do this work, and they won’t need to complete that step themselves. Authentic Custom Cabinetry can install these cabinets after designing them, saving people the trouble in more ways than one.

Some customers attempt the remodeling work themselves, which is certainly very challenging. They might work with professionals at different points, but they will still complete the process step by step. Authentic Custom Cabinetry can certainly handle this step, helping people with one of the most important parts of redesigning an entire bathroom.

The bathroom cabinets will be installed correctly since they are being installed by the same company that designed them in the first place. These were also made specifically for a particular room, so the chances that anyone measured something incorrectly are low. There won’t be any issues involved with the installation process. It should be easier for people to remodel their bathrooms when they get customized cabinetry from Authentic Custom Cabinetry.

Versatile Bathroom Cabinetry for Phoenix & Las Vegas Residents

Bathrooms aren’t the biggest spaces in your home, which is why we customize cabinetry around space utilization. From under-sink cabinets, to above vanity options, to floor-to-ceiling cabinets and more, our options are made to work with your available bathroom space. We’ll make sure you get the cabinet space you need, without detracting from precious square footage.

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