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Bathroom cabinets are a core essential of any bathroom and pave the way for a luxurious space that’s as accommodating as it is essential. The right cabinets can help you maximize space, store all of your hygienic items and increase the comfort and appeal of your bathroom. Even if it’s just a couple of cabinets, Authentic Custom Cabinetry will make sure your investment in custom bathroom cabinets is value-additive to your home. Whether you are looking for European, traditional, or contemporary-style cabinets for your Phoenix or Las Vegas home, we have you covered!

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  • Accessible Convenience

    Everyone has different expectations from their bathroom cabinets. From towels and toilet paper, to soaps and lotions, to styling equipment and cleaning products, utilizing custom made cabinets adds a dimension of convenience to your bathroom. Everything you need to care for yourself is just a door away! We’ll help you choose cabinets specifically suited for your bathroom and make sure the style, materials and features match up perfectly with your expectations.

    Transformative Design

    Because of their imposing nature, bathroom cabinets have a profound effect on the look and feel of your bathroom space. We’ll be glad to help you plan out the right design aesthetic for your bathroom to create the right cabinetry. From dark wood finishes to offset your pristine white bath, to bold colors that complement a modern tile design, we’re masters of pairing form with function. We guarantee the cabinets you get from us will change the way you experience your bathroom—both visually and functionally.

Versatile Bathroom Cabinetry for Phoenix & Las Vegas Residents

Bathrooms aren’t the biggest spaces in your home, which is why we customize cabinetry around space utilization. From under-sink cabinets, to above vanity options, to floor-to-ceiling cabinets and more, our options are made to work with your available bathroom space. We’ll make sure you get the cabinet space you need, without detracting from precious square footage.

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