Traditional Cabinets in Phoenix & Las Vegas

Sometimes, the best solution is the one that’s been around the longest. When it comes to cabinetry, few styles have the prestige and authority of traditional cabinets. We take pride in helping you get custom cabinet doors that mimic classic styles, so you can set the tone in your Phoenix or Las Vegas home and enjoy cabinets with a commanding presence.

Traditional cabinetry is ornate and beautiful, with strong molding options and regal finishes that make it the stand-out element in any room. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with an imposing design element, traditional custom kitchen cabinets are a surefire way to add value to your home’s kitchen, bathroom, or office space.

  • Regal Finishes

    With options like gilded details elaborate colors and complementary, rich hardware, traditional cabinets are all about making a statement: one of luxury, sophistication and grandeur. The beautiful finished product is one that looks great in your home and stands the test of time to look classically sophisticated even decades later.

  • Distinguished Construction

    More than just looking beautiful, traditional cabinets are also built to last. These cabinets aren’t made with flimsy materials or assembly-line building practices. Instead, count on them to feature the markings of quality craftsmanship, like dovetail fittings and real, unblemished wood. It all comes together in cabinetry that you can see and feel the quality in. We guarantee you’ll absolutely love the appeal of custom cabinetry in your home.

The Warm, Inviting Look of Traditional Cabinets

Traditional cabinets present a warm and inviting design that can be adapted to many architectural styles. Not surprisingly, traditional cabinets as a style represent an aesthetic that has been around for a while. This is an all-encompassing term for any cabinets that have details such as raised panel doors, embellishments, or intricate details. The overall design is based on historic or traditional styles, and focuses on the use of natural materials.

Benefits of Traditional Cabinets

Traditional cabinets are like the architectural styles they take their name from, and as a result they can be timeless. This means that traditional cabinetry can be a good choice for kitchens that will remain stylish no matter what the current trends are. Plus, with an emphasis on natural materials, traditional cabinets are usually built to last, and can be easily updated by changing out drawer and door pulls or updating colors.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets in Your Home

If you describe your dream kitchen with words like “warm”, “inviting”, or “cozy”, chances are you will like the look of traditional kitchen cabinets. While most styles of traditional cabinets share some design characteristics, there is also a large variety to choose from. This allows homeowners to select the traditional cabinets that will meet their needs, and fit into their design aesthetic. Traditional cabinets can be the star of the kitchen, with unique finishes, elegant hardware, and furniture-like details, or become a blended part of the overall kitchen design. Using traditional cabinets can be a design nod to a home’s architecture, but can also provide character to a newer home that is searching for personality.

Home Aesthetics Where Traditional Cabinetry Excels

Pueblo: With a strong nod to the heritage of the North American southwest, the Pueblo style of home is a natural fit for traditional cabinets. Dark wood, exposed beams, and a focus on natural materials means that traditional cabinets can use or compliment these details for a warm addition to a Pueblo-style home.

traditional cabinets

Spanish Mission

Inspired by the Spanish missions in California from the late 19th and early 20th century, this style incorporates exquisite details like beautifully decorated clay tiles and natural stone.

By using these same details as part of an overall kitchen design, traditional cabinets become a beautiful cornerstone that lets Spanish Mission details shine.


Like the Pueblo and Spanish Mission styles, Tuscan homes use natural materials like stone to incorporate elements of nature into their design aesthetic. Natural light and open spaces, with potions of the home that open up to the outside if possible, will work well with the details of traditional cabinetry.

For kitchens with plentiful natural lighting, darker cabinets can add a warm feeling. If natural light is less available, using lighter woods or paint finishes in traditional cabinets and well-placed fixtures can simulate natural light to achieve the desired Tuscan feel.

Split Level

Popular in the 1970s, split-level homes often get a bad rap for being more cookie-cutter than their historic counterparts. But split-level homes can have amazing kitchens full of warmth and beauty to reflect the design styles of their owners.

Think of them as blank slates that can be designed to fit the personality of each owner. By installing detailed kitchen cabinets, using warm wood tones, choosing polished and intricate hardware, homeowners can make their split-level kitchen fit any style that they find appealing.


Charming bungalows would seem an ideal architectural style to use traditional cabinets. But to pay homage to the true bungalow style, designers should use the characteristics of traditional cabinets judiciously. Details that give the appearance of built-in cabinetry work well in a bungalow.

So too does the use of cleaner lines with period-appropriate hardware. Try to mimic any original characteristics of your bungalow, but if your home has been previously renovated, try looking at historic bungalow designs when planning your traditional kitchen.

Contemporary/Mid-Century Modernism

While the name seems to imply that only modern cabinets would work in the contemporary or Mid-Century Modern home, this is not true.

This style does focus on clean lines, but also carefully employs natural materials and details for a warm and inviting appeal. Unique angles and soft curves that mimic Mid-Century furniture can be used in traditional cabinetry for a beautifully unique traditional kitchen.

Explore Traditional Styles

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