Trending Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: How to Add a Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Kitchen

March 17, 2020

Who knew that in the year 2020 we would see a major trend for the farmhouse style in homes throughout the Las Vegas area? While many trend forecasters assumed people would look to the future for style inspiration, we’ve found that homeowners are returning to their roots and opting for a clean, simplistic farm aesthetic. If you are wanting to add a modern farmhouse style to your kitchen, it’s best to start with custom cabinets in Las Vegas, NV.

Why is the farmhouse style so popular?

When you walk into a farmhouse style kitchen with custom cabinets in Henderson, NV, there’s a certain feeling of comfort and warmth. This aesthetic creates a welcoming atmosphere while also looking fabulous and functioning really well. A big component of farmhouse style kitchens is lots of spacious cabinets to keep counter spaces free of clutter.

Another reason many people are drawn to the farmhouse aesthetic is that its simplicity makes it easy to incorporate fun pops of color. Reds, blues and greens are popular color choices to incorporate into homes or rooms being remodeled in this style. You can opt for bold jewel tones in these colors or go with softer pastel hues, whichever speaks to you.

Recreating this style in your kitchen

If you are sold on the farmhouse aesthetic and want to create this look in your kitchen, the first place to start is with your cabinets. Simple white, slab front, frameless cabinets are all you need to start the transformation. You can couple this with some open shelves in rustic materials like walnut wood to optimize storage space in your kitchen.

As you choose your color palettes, mix up your neutral tones so everything isn’t stark white. If everything is flat white, your kitchen is going to look more dull than delightful. Pair your favorite neutral tones with the pops of color you’ve selected to really make the farmhouse aesthetic your own.

Another crucial piece in designing a farmhouse style kitchen is adding a farmhouse sink, also known as an apron front sink. Both deep and wide, farmhouse sinks were originally designed for multiple uses, from washing dishes to cleaning clothes. Once yours is installed, you’ll swear you’re never going back to any other sink style.

Successfully decorating your farmhouse style kitchen means combining those pops of color you’ve chosen with rustic elements. Grow plants, like fresh herbs, on the windowsills in ceramic pots. Vintage wooden pieces like dairy crates or cutting boards also elevate this aesthetic to a whole new level. Visit local flea markets and thrift stores to find unique pieces to add to your kitchen.

An investment in custom cabinets in Summerlin, NV goes along way, especially when you are aiming to capture a specific design aesthetic. Authentic Custom Cabinetry has spent more than three decades creating the kitchens and living spaces that people dream of for their homes. Whether you are going for the farmhouse style or something completely different, don’t forget the importance of high-quality custom cabinets in Enterprise, NV for your kitchen, bathroom and other rooms throughout your home. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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