Best Custom Contemporary Cabinets in Phoenix & Las Vegas

One of the best ways to increase the appeal and value of your home is through an upgrade of your cabinetry. Modern custom contemporary kitchen & bathroom cabinets in either your Phoenix or Las Vegas home can set the tone for a kitchen or bathroom remodel; while also inviting high praise from prospective buyers, if you decide to put your home up for sale in the future.

If you’re thinking about reinvesting in your home, cabinets are the smart choice. An even smarter choice is choosing Authentic Custom Cabinetry to help you select custom, luxurious bathroom, office, and kitchen cabinets for your home.

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  • Contemporary Design

    The modernity of today’s cabinetry can be seen at a glance. From smooth-rolling pullouts, to no-noise hinges, to beautiful moldings and inlays—there are numerous improvements and options to take advantage of by updating your cabinets from decades ago. When you choose modern cabinets, we’ll make sure you get:

    • Over 30 colors to choose from
    • Hardwood, soft-close drawers with dove-tail joints
    • Plywood box construction, never particleboard
    • Hardwood doors and frames

Benefits of Custom Contemporary Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

When many people think of Custom Contemporary Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets design, they picture a futuristic, almost sterile environment that may not appeal to their design sense. However, the truth is that contemporary design is a broad, catch-all term used for designs that boast a sleeker look with clean lines and smooth, seamless surfaces.

If you love the clean, sleek, clutter-free look of contemporary cabinets, but do not live in a home that is a contemporary style, you don’t have to choose a different cabinet style. A contemporary design can be interpreted in a variety of ways, which means that it is applicable to just about every type of home décor. Despite earlier schools of thought on design, your home’s style does not limit your cabinet choices as much as you might think. The way that contemporary cabinetry can be adapted to different home styles is, like with most designs, in the details.

Using Contemporary Cabinets in Your Space

With a variety of design materials available for cabinets and countertops, personalizing any design style becomes easier. In

best contemporary kitchen cabinetsthe case of contemporary looks, using sharply contrasting colors today means you can go beyond simple black and white looks. You can instead start with shades that match your current design aesthetic, and see how that falls into your overall home design. From here, you can look for other shades that will provide a sharp contrast.

A lot of Custom Contemporary Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets design is suggested by the geometry and angles of the final cabinetry design. This is even more reason to look at a custom product. Every home is different, and making the most of your space may require stepping beyond cabinets that only come in pre-determined sizes. Custom cabinetry is also a way to ensure that the clutter-free look of a contemporary design can be achieved. If you want countertops that have minimal clutter from accessories and appliances, working with a custom cabinet designer will allow you to develop a plan for these items from the very beginning. Likewise, the use of glass and contemporary materials can be easily adapted into a contemporary look in many different home styles. Working with a custom cabinetry company will give you limitless options.

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Home Aesthetics Where Contemporary Cabinets Work Best

When most people think of contemporary cabinetry, they may think of Mid-century modern home design. This is understandable because clean lines and modern conveniences factor heavily into mid-century modern plans. The use of unique, almost futuristic materials for cabinets such as polymers, fiberglass, and acrylics, work well with mid-century furniture in a home.

It may then come as a surprise to Phoenix and Las Vegas homeowners that many other home styles are also a good fit for contemporary cabinetry, especially when working with a knowledgeable custom cabinet installer. Some of these areas’ most popular home designs can consider contemporary cabinets to bring a modern kitchen or bath aesthetic, while still staying true to their home’s character.

Pueblo Style

Modern pueblo-style homes are popular because they reflect local history and culture. The use of darker woods, beams, and materials like concrete can easily be interpreted through a contemporary lens. Having sleek cabinets designed with dark wood or accents will convey a pueblo-style while giving homeowners the benefits of the contemporary design. Unique countertop options, like concrete, can further align the space with pueblo design.

Spanish, Mediterranean and Tuscan

Many popular home styles that suggest a historic, rustic appearance can also be interpreted with a contemporary design. Spanish, Mediterranean, and Tuscan homes share some similar design details, like the use of tile, natural materials, plentiful natural light, and details in wrought iron. But each of these styles can use details in unique ways and still align with a contemporary aesthetic. Spanish design can focus on cabinetry with warmer tones and carefully chosen accessories to suggest old country relaxation. Mediterranean designs can use natural tile in sleeker styles to bring this look closer to a contemporary feel. And Tuscan homes can incorporate rustic details like hardware or lighting fixtures to make contemporary cabinetry feel timeless.

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Modern, Contemporary Style

Even a simple bungalow can benefit from contemporary design. Following the bungalow aesthetics of simple, utility-based design, contemporary cabinetry can mesh with other more popular bungalow cabinets — like mission-style door fronts — to perfectly transform a bungalow space. In fact, with the focus on handcrafted details and the look of built-in cabinets, having custom-made contemporary cabinets makes sense.

Whatever style of home suits you, and with the scope of materials available today, you can have it all — contemporary beauty that fits into the rest of your décor. At Authentic Cabinetry, we are here to make unique cabinetry for your design needs. If you can dream it, we can work with you to make it happen.

Only Quality Contemporary Cabinets

Cabinets go through a lot of wear and tear through the years. Modern cabinets are built to last and we make sure the cabinets you’re receiving from us are ready to stand strong against the constant wear. Count on us to deliver fully assembled cabinets, backed by an industry-leading warranty that ensures their integrity for years to come. We’ll make sure you see and feel the quality and value of your cabinets each and every time you open them.

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