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One of the best ways to increase the appeal and value of your home is through an upgrade of your cabinetry. Modern contemporary cabinets in either your Phoenix or Las Vegas home can set the tone for a kitchen or bathroom remodel; while also inviting high praise from prospective buyers, if you decide to put your home up for sale in the future.

If you’re thinking about reinvesting in your home, cabinets are the smart choice. An even smarter choice is choosing Authentic Custom Cabinetry to help you select custom, luxurious bathroom, office, and kitchen cabinets for your home.

  • Modern Design

    The modernity of today’s cabinetry can be seen at a glance. From smooth-rolling pullouts, to no-noise hinges, to beautiful moldings and inlays—there are numerous improvements and options to take advantage of by updating your cabinets from decades ago. When you choose modern cabinets, we’ll make sure you get:

    • Over 30 colors to choose from
    • Hardwood, soft-close drawers with dove-tail joints
    • Plywood box construction, never particleboard
    • Hardwood doors and frames

Only Quality Cabinets

Cabinets go through a lot of wear and tear through the years. Modern cabinets are built to last and we make sure the cabinets you’re receiving from us are ready to stand strong against the constant wear. Count on us to deliver fully assembled cabinets, backed by an industry-leading warranty that ensures their integrity for years to come. We’ll make sure you see and feel the quality and value of your cabinets each and every time you open them.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Add Resale Value

Nothing sends a signal that your kitchen is outdated like dull, worn, or shabby cabinetry. Putting in new custom kitchen cabinets is a great way to put a new light on the whole room— without breaking the bank to do it.

There are new cabinets for every budget, and while you are more likely to have the kitchen of your dreams if you have a larger budget, you can do something that works for you and looks great with a little research and imagination. You can take the plunge to create a kitchen experience you will love for years to come or multiply your money by increasing your home’s resale value, sometimes for just a few hundred dollars out of pocket.

new kitchen

Some of the Options

An inexpensive way to make old cabinets look completely new is to play with your color scheme. Maybe your original cabinets came with the house and their color has never been “you.” You had white cabinets that were just too bright, or you had dark cabinets that gave your kitchen a gloomy feel. Families spend so much time in the kitchen that you deserve to have one that you can feel good about.

Psychologists tell us that bright whites energize a kitchen just a little too much. Conversation becomes heated more easily, and tempers flare more quickly. Adding at least a tint to pure white meanwhile, tones down the mood of the room. Yellows are upbeat, blues are calming, reds and pinks are for romance, and greens remind us of the outside world.

There are homes where these colors work. If you are looking to enhance resale value, consider these simple color choices recommended by the best interior decorators:

Neutral colors like gray, soft yellow and soft green are safest when you are reselling your home.

Dark colors like emerald, turquoise, and black connote high-end design. Just make sure the rest of your kitchen fits the high-end definition.

If the surfaces of your kitchen cabinets are natural wood, there is another option: Resurface them! Resurfacing is the process of putting a new wood laminate or veneer on old cabinetry, which can drastically change the look and visual appeal of your cabinetry, without requiring a complete remodel.

What is the Difference Between Laminate and Veneer?

Both laminates and veneers are pasted on the surface of solid wood or plywood. But laminate is an artificial material, while the veneer is a natural material. Laminate is made by pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins, while the veneer is a thin slice of a log taken from a once-living tree. To put it simply, laminate is similar to a picture of wood grain that you can put on your cabinets, while the veneer is actual wood that is added.

For the additions of both laminates and veneers, most homeowners get the help of a contractor. It is possible for some skill craftsmen to do their own installations, but if you want to ensure that it is done correctly the first time, your best option is to hire a professional. This will prevent any serious damage that could occur in the kitchen, and provide you with a finished product that is clean, simple, and expertly executed.

Choosing the Manufacturer of Your Custom Cabinets

There is a colossal range of choices in custom-made cabinets. You do not have to limit yourself to the same old, tired kind of woods from which your cabinets were originally made. Sure, custom-made cabinets are more expensive, usually in the thousands of dollars, but professionally manufactured custom cabinets look great in your kitchen. So, how do you choose the right manufacturer for new custom kitchen cabinetry?

First, choose a manufacturer that supports the best new look for your kitchen.

You do not have to buy cabinetry to put in the same places as your old kitchen cabinet. There is a modern trend to replace overhead cabinetry with drawers that do not require excessive reaching and stretching to get the items you need every day. You can replace all your cabinets at once, adding a beautiful backsplash and new lighting to fill in the gaps where old cabinets were removed.

Installing Your New Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Here at Authentic Custom Cabinetry, we know the best suppliers for all your needs, and will be able to get your new custom cabinetry at the most reasonable prices possible.

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