How Much Do New Kitchen Cabinets Cost

January 21, 2021

There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to improve their kitchen. One of the most common targets of home improvement projects centers around the cabinets. Many people do not realize just how much time they spend in front of their old cabinets. 

When it comes to cleaning them, stocking them, and reorganizing them, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into kitchen cabinetry. Additionally, because of the sheer size of some kitchen cabinets, they are a significant portion of the kitchen itself. As a result, it should come as no surprise that many homeowners who are looking to complete a home improvement project target the kitchen cabinets. 

With this in mind, are new kitchen cabinets expensive? How much do they typically cost? There are a few points to keep in mind. 

How Much Are New Kitchen Cabinets?

The exact price of cabinetry is going to vary based on a range of factors. However, in general the national average when it comes to the cost of new kitchen cabinets is somewhere between $6,000 and $7,000 dollars. Even though it is possible to buy new cabinetry for less than a couple thousand dollars, most of them are going to fall somewhere between $3000 and $8,000. 

Clearly, this is a wide range. When someone is trying to start a home improvement project, they would like some clarity on the budget. Therefore, it is important for everyone to understand why these prices vary so much and what they can do to control them. That way, everyone will be happy with the results without breaking their budget. 


Why do These Prices Vary So Much?

There are a few reasons why the price of new cabinetry is going to vary so much. First, the location of the home is going to play a role. The reality is that some locations in the country have more access to resources than other locations. Therefore, the cost of obtaining the necessary materials themselves can vary from place to place. 

The local taxes are also going to play a role in the cost of new kitchen cabinetry. On smaller purchases, many people do not think about tax all that much. On the other hand, some cabinets are expensive. Therefore, even a slight difference in sales tax can make a huge difference in the final price. 

Of course, it is also important to think about the nature of the materials themselves. Depending on the type of material someone wants to use for their kitchen cabinetry, this can make a significant difference in the overall price. Therefore, everyone has to make sure they work with trained professionals, so they understand how much money they are going to be spending on their cabinetry. 

Finally, the number and size of the cabinets will also matter. The more cabinetry someone is having redone, the more expensive the final product is going to be. Of course, the larger these are, the more expensive they will be as well. 

What to Avoid When Investing in Kitchen Cabinets

In addition to thinking about what people want to do with their cabinetry, it is also important to think about what they should avoid. There are a few common mistakes that people make when it comes to cabinetry. 

For example, many people like to purchase and install kitchen cabinets that have a lot of ornamentation and detail on them. Intricate details, such as engravings or embossed surfaces, often look very attractive and showroom catalogs. On the other hand, if detailed cabinetry is placed in small spaces, they can make them feel cluttered. Therefore, everyone has to take a look at the showroom and place it in the context of their own kitchen. 

Next, people also have to think about the maintenance that goes into their cabinetry. It is important for everyone to understand that they need to clean their new cabinetry on a regular basis. Airborne grease can settle on cabinetry, bringing dirt and debris along with it. This can lead to a massive mess that can impact the appearance of the cabinets. 

Finally, it is also important for people to think about the colors of the cabinets themselves. The color of the cabinets needs to complement the rest of the kitchen. On the other hand, it is important not to choose the same color over and over again. Again, this might be a situation where working with trained professionals will be extremely helpful. 

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What Else Can I Do to Make my New Kitchen more Affordable?

There are a few ways that people can make their cabinetry more affordable. For example, it is important to start early and get plenty of quotes when it comes to redesigning your cabinetry. Second, it is important to always measure twice and cut once. This means working with trained professionals who are going to get the project done correctly the first time. 

It is also important for homeowners to understand that there are financing options available, ensuring that you don’t have to put your dream kitchen on hold. At Authentic Custom Cabinetry, we are able to serve homeowners throughout the Phoenix and Las Vegas area. We can provide you with flexible financing options that will allow you to get your new cabinets now while paying off your cabinets with small payments over an extended amount of time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the kitchen cabinets of your dreams! 


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