European Cabinets

European design has always been a driver of interior home concepts. Today, it’s more prevalent than ever in cabinetry. European cabinet designers have brought the sleek, luxurious, versatile appeal of European cabinets into U.S. homes, and the results have been stunning. These cabinets deliver a contemporary aesthetic and innovative design, making them a must-have in any Phoenix, AZ home.

Authentic Custom Cabinetry knows a thing or two about European cabinetry. As custom cabinet designers and installers, we can help you bring the many benefits of these elegant cabinets into your home, to boost the appeal and ambiance of your kitchen.

  • Defining Features of Frameless Cabinetry

    European cabinet installation set themselves apart in many ways—namely in their aesthetic, but also in their construction. Expect the best of both quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Some of the defining traits of these cabinets include:

    • Hidden hinges and frameless designs, void of hardware or visible notches
    • Storage space and access are maximized with pull-out and expanding features
    • Cabinet weight is minimized without compromising unit integrity
    • Cabinets offer versatility, alongside simple, minimalistic appeal

    Perhaps the best feature European cabinetry has to offer is its ability to blend into virtually any design concept or theme. This high-end cabinetry raises the standard of everything around it, uplifting your kitchen as a whole.

Customizing Minimalist Cabinets

Much of the appeal of European cabinetry comes from the way it contours to every kitchen. The best way to take advantage of these elegant cabinets is to have them custom-built for your kitchen. Our builders can help you determine the right size of each cabinet, any special mechanisms required for corner cabinets and what panels and materials will fit with your design theme.

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