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There’s a lot that goes into building the perfect office space, and cabinets shouldn’t be overlooked. Great cabinets keep you organized and help you store everything you need for success, all while giving you a comfortable working environment.

Authentic Custom Cabinetry offers office cabinetry solutions that ensure maximum organization, as well as a sophisticated appeal that will make your office stand out. We offer both home office and commercial cabinets throughout the Phoenix and Las Vegas markets.

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  • Frameless Cabinets

    Some of the very best office cabinets are frameless in design, allowing them to be placed under desks, within stacks and anywhere else they might be required. The seamless nature of frameless cabinets makes them widely versatile, without compromising on the luxury design appeal they’re known for. Whether you’re in a traditional office or have a more non-traditional, inventive workspace, frameless cabinets are a premier office option.

    Versatile Cabinet Construction

    There’s no shortage of demand for storage in the office and you need cabinets to make sure everything has its place. Instead of trying to make storage work with a one-size-fits-all stock cabinet solution, count on us for custom, versatile cabinet construction. We’ll make sure your cabinets are designed to spec, to meet whatever storage needs you may have. From paperwork to electronics, apparel to other inventory, the best cabinets are those designed with your application in mind.

Designed for Consistent Use

Above all, office cabinetry needs to be strong and durable. Cabinets that are used consistently, day in and day out, will experience wear quickly. Thanks to an emphasis on quality construction above all else, Authentic Custom Cabinetry provides offices with well-made cabinetry that’ll last for a long time to come.

Contact us today at 602-550-6164 to discuss your unique cabinetry needs and learn more about the frameless commercial cabinetry options available to you. We also carry a wide range of kitchen and bathroom cabinets in contemporary, European, and traditional looks.

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