6 Kitchen Trends for 2021

February 24, 2021

As we emerge into 2021 and face a new year, it is impossible to escape the influence of 2020. An unprecedented year has led to some big trends in every aspect of our lives, and nowhere are those trends more apparent than the kitchen – the hub of the modern home. Here are five trends that we see influencing design and living spaces for 2021:

    1. Home-Focused Style – Perhaps unlike any year before, the theme for kitchen design in 2021 is “anything goes”. As more people have spent time at home and become more acquainted with their kitchen day in and day out, the desire to have a unique kitchen style is prevalent. Fortunately, the market offers more materials and finishes to choose from than ever before. Whether you are looking for a cozy retreat from the world outside or a spotless, contemporary “lab” to use for the latest gastronomic experiments, there are cabinet designs and finishing materials to help you achieve your vision. 
    2. Breaking up the Open Concept – In complete anthesis to the open concept, the broken plan offers homeowners more intimate spaces that are divided by temporary screens or moveable furniture. Unlike the open concept, you won’t have to worry about whether people entering your house can see the dirty dishes in your sink as soon as they clear the threshold. For remodeling projects, the broken plan is a way to remodel an older home’s floor layout by adding wider doorways, without the need for completely demolishing walls.
    3. Places for Everything – Kitchens and dining rooms have developed multi-purpose uses as home-offices, date-night locales, and spontaneous bakeries. As people acquire new gadgets and tools, this requires adequate storage to get unused items out of sight. The popularity of mudrooms is giving away to butler’s pantries – splendid walk-in closets for all manner of kitchen and work-from-home items. Items that are beautiful and functional work well when displayed on open shelving. This look is regarded as a “curated” style, which is just a new way of saying that you have a great collection and want to share it with those who visit your home. As people turn their homes into comfort domains, having places to store their newly acquired tools for nesting will become increasingly important. 


  1. Going Natural – With an increased interest in recycling and sustainable materials, natural and organic materials are having a moment in 2021. Not only are people interested in companies that subscribe to sustainability and environmentally responsible materials and production, but there is also a resurgence in growing herbs and other plants. Flooring and cabinet options made from easily renewable materials, like bamboo may become more popular. Installations of wall garden units bring a pop of live greenery to kitchens, and a focus on gentle and green cleaning products will change how we sanitize surfaces.
  2. Living Color – Just as there are many options for expressing your design style, there are also a near-infinite number of color options. Once relegated to the walls or backsplash tiles, bright colors are now available in cabinetry, countertops, and flooring. Color can also be an easy way to express individuality while still adhering to traditional forms of cabinetry or furniture. 
  3. Bright Lights, Big Possibilities – Just as storage options are plentiful, so too are lighting choices. Recessed and under-counter LED lighting can light task areas. Pendant lights are becoming more popular as they showcase ever-more unique pieces. Lighting for energy efficiency combines with the use of natural materials for spectacular pieces that give kitchens great character and design pizzazz. To get a unique look, work with your kitchen designer to access brands that are not widely available to the general public. See if there are local artisans who make items that could be electrified with a simple lighting kit (get help if you aren’t experienced in this). Or consider shopping online at small, designer-focused boutiques.

Professional Kitchen Installations

As trends come and go, working with experienced kitchen designers will help you find the right design that expresses your personal style. It isn’t always about following trends, but rather picking those that work for your lifestyle. Whether you want to visit more sustainable options or improve the lighting in your work areas, having the right partner as you make changes (or build your new dream kitchen) will help you sift through your choices. Authentic Custom Cabinetry is a full-service company available to help with all your design needs. Call us today or stop by to discuss your dream workspace. 

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