Modern Cabinets

Cabinets are the face of the kitchen. Modern Cabinets can bring your kitchen up to a new standard of contemporary excellence—even if you keep everything else the same! Modern cabinets stand out beautifully and set the tone for your entire design theme.

If you’re ready to update your kitchen but want to avoid a full remodel, talk to Authentic Custom Cabinetry about the possibilities of modern cabinet installation. We’ll reinvent the kitchen of your Phoenix, AZ home, putting a new spin on a layout you love.

  • The Hallmarks of Modern Cabinetry

    You can’t go down to your local hardware store and get modern cabinetry. Instead, it’s best to work with modern cabinet designers who understand the features that make contemporary cabinetry special. Take a look at some of the distinguishing features of today’s modern cabinets:

    • Flat slab doors that avoid excessive detailing, delivering minimalist appeal
    • No crown molding, raised panels or decorative carvings
    • Cabinet faces that emphasize flat, sleek surfaces and simple hardware
    • Innovative organization capabilities that maximize full interior space

    Simply put, modern cabinetry relies on the concept of elegance through simplicity. Less is more with these cabinets. But while they might be simple, it’s this subtle appeal that helps the rest of your kitchen’s décor and materials shine!

Customizing Modern Cabinets

Because they’re meant to contour to your kitchen’s layout and design, modern cabinets are best customized for every application. Whether they’re under-counter, above-counter, floor-to-ceiling or part of an island, each cabinet looks best when it’s specifically designed for the space it occupies.

Get Modern Cabinetry

Want to bring beautiful, modern cabinetry into your Phoenix, AZ home? Authentic Custom Cabinetry is the authority on designing and installing contemporary cabinetry. We’re familiar with the hallmarks that make modern cabinets special and can create custom pieces that look great and function flawlessly in your kitchen. Contact us today at 602-550-6164 to get started.

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