What Should I Look for in Cabinet Construction?

June 19, 2019

If you’re thinking about installing new cabinetry in your home’s kitchen, you may be wondering how you can identify the best cabinets available. Regardless of where you go to get your new cabinets installed, it’s going to represent a major investment of time and money on your part. New cabinets are expensive, and installing them is a time-consuming process that will require you to prepare your kitchen for the contracting team.

Working with a company that specializes in custom made cabinets in Las Vegas, NV is often the best way to ensure that you’re getting top-quality cabinetry for your home. Quality cabinetry is all about the details—everything from the construction material to the hardware should be impeccably selected and installed.

To help you ensure that you’re selecting cabinetry that’s of premium quality and is well suited for use in your home, here are just a few rules of thumb to keep in mind:

  • Plywood vs. particle board: One easy way to identify quality cabinetry from cheap cabinetry is the type of wood it’s constructed out of. Plywood is made by pressing sheets of wood on top of each other to form a solid-core surface. Particle board, meanwhile, is made from glued sawdust. Quality cabinets are always made from plywood.
  • Dovetail drawer boxes: Quality custom made cabinets in Phoenix, AZ will always have drawer boxes that implement a dovetail construction. This means that the joints will fit into one another seamlessly, rather than being stapled into each other. This will dramatically improve the lifespan of the cabinetry.
  • Melamine interior: Your cabinetry’s interior should be coated with melamine, a brightly colored, non-porous surface. If your new custom cabinets include just stained wood interiors, they’re likely to absorb moisture and odors, resulting in premature degradation of your brand-new cabinetry. Melamine makes it easy to clean and maintain your cabinets.
  • Quality hinges: Some cabinets include hinges that display on the exterior, while others feature hidden internal hinges. Regardless of the placement of hinges on your new cabinets, you should make sure that they’re of high quality. The best hinges are made from stainless steel, and feature a full range of motion. The hinges shouldn’t make noise when moved.
  • Back panels: There should be full-size back panels on your new custom cabinetry. The back panels should be just as think as the side walls and the door of your cabinets, and they should extend up the full height of the cabinetry. If they don’t, your cabinetry may be structurally unsound.

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