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Ready to Renovate? Six Must-Have Features for Your Dream Kitchen

December 12, 2019

Planning a kitchen renovation project is exciting. You know it’s going to require a lot of time, effort and sticking to a budget, but it will be worth it once you see the final result. From replacing old fixtures to deciding on new kitchen cabinets in your Las Vegas, NV home, here’s a look at six must-have features to consider for your kitchen renovation project: Quality countertops: If your budget allows room to buy natural stone countertops, go for it. Start by looking at granite countertop options. Granite stone is beautiful, and it’s more durable than other materials used for... View Article

Proven Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

November 28, 2019

Finally! After years of living in your home, you have the time and means to upgrade to the kitchen of your dreams. You’ve eyed flooring, lighting and appliance options, and you even bought wall paint samples. Now it’s time to browse through kitchen cabinet styles. Here are some tips from luxury kitchen cabinet makers in Las Vegas, NV for choosing the perfect cabinets for your space: Custom or stock cabinetry: You don’t necessarily need custom cabinets just because the length of your wall is an unusual size, but the benefit of custom-made cabinets is that they are crafted to fit... View Article

Top Reasons Not to Skimp on Your Kitchen Renovations

October 31, 2019

When investing in the renovation of your kitchen, it’s natural to look for reasonable ways to save money wherever you can. While saving money can certainly be done, the whole purpose of taking on renovations is to significantly improve the look, flow and feel of your kitchen, and that can’t be accomplished if you are skimping on the most important facets of the project. This guide from local custom kitchen cabinet door makers in Phoenix, AZ will help you better understand why skimping on your renovations will ultimately do more harm than good. Hire the right contractor If you’re looking... View Article

Some Kitchen Design Tips in Las Vegas, NV to Help You Create the Perfect Space

August 15, 2019

Although you will likely want to get into your new and improved kitchen right away, no part of the kitchen remodel process should be rushed or hurried, and it will be to your long-term benefit to take your time with every decision you make during the planning phase. To make sure that all of the features you’ve ever wanted in your perfect kitchen are included in the new design, here are a few kitchen design tips in Las Vegas, NV to help get you started. Analyzing your kitchen The best way to determine what type of functionality you will need... View Article

Kitchen Cabinets: Should You Reface or Replace?

July 3, 2019

Eventually, even the best cabinets will start to look like they’re a bit past their prime. You may be wondering whether you should replace your cabinets outright, or simply spend the time and money necessary to make them once again look as good as new. The process of refacing your old kitchen cabinets includes stripping them down to their plywood base, and re-covering the base with a thin veneer of real wood or plastic laminate. Refacing your kitchen cabinets in Phoenix, AZ is usually the more cost-effective option when compared to replacing your kitchen cabinets. Refacing isn’t right for everyone,... View Article