Five Efficient Layouts and Designs for Kitchens

December 11, 2020

There are many different popular kitchen designs today. These designs have partly become popular because they use space so well. People are going to spend a lot of time in their kitchens. They must make sure that they can easily move through the room without stumbling or moving awkwardly.

Wanting a more spacious kitchen is common. However, plenty of kitchens that look very spacious are not especially large in absolute terms. They have just been decorated and styled to look as if they are. People can easily make their kitchens look much larger by making a few design modifications.

Galley Kitchens

In galley kitchens, the sink and drawers are positioned on one wall. On the opposing wall are the refrigerator and another set of cabinets and counters. These two walls will face each other.

Many find that this is the sort of design that can make cooking a lot easier. People can do the dishes at the sink, and then just smoothly turn around and get to the fridge. They can organize the contents of their cabinets to reflect this sort of setup.

Long kitchens can often make use of a design like this. It will not work as well in kitchens that are less rectangular. Galley kitchens can have a very powerful appearance, giving people the chance to create a meaningful visual impression right away.

Kitchens with Islands

One of the most classic designs involves islands. Something as simple as an island can add a truly timeless quality to any kitchen. People will need someplace to sit in almost any room, and many keep chairs around their islands. They can also prepare food there, giving them the chance to really use their space effectively.

Preparing food on a table can scratch the table, which is one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer to use counters. When they can move easily from the counters to the kitchen islands, they can get better results when it comes to food preparation. A kitchen island is just an extremely versatile feature that almost everyone can use.

Islands also give people the chance to set up their kitchen cabinets and counters using a wide range of different formats. They can use one or two different walls. A kitchen that has this sort of setup will often look complete either way. The island can sometimes become the entire focal point of the room, and it works very well.


One-Wall Kitchens

Obviously, the kitchen itself does not literally have one wall. However, the sink, the counter, the cabinets, and the refrigerator will all be positioned on one wall. These features are typically spread out, but in kitchens like these, people can stay entirely on the same side of the room throughout the food preparation process.

Those with relatively small kitchens can make them look a lot larger when they decide to install kitchens like this. They will also have much more room for the table and chairs. Plenty of modern kitchens are now one-wall kitchens since a design layout like this can easily become part of a minimalist aesthetic.

It is easier to stay organized in this kind of space. Some people may also find the process of cleaning the full kitchen simpler when it has this sort of setup. The contrast between the full and empty half of the room can be very striking, and people will avoid wasting any space when they have a kitchen like this.

Peninsula Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen is actually similar to an island version. However, in this case, the kitchen’s island is positioned against the wall. Positioning an island in the exact middle of the room can create a lot of space. However, that space will be used very differently. When the island is in this configuration, it creates much more free space on one side of the room.

Some people like having empty space on one side of the room but not on the other side. They might need more space there. It is important for people to get to the fridge from their islands, and this is the sort of form that makes that easier. There will be a direct route to the fridge from the island.

Horseshoe Kitchen

The kitchens that have a horseshoe format will have cabinets and counters on three different walls, forming a curved shape. As people walk into the kitchen, they will see counters and cabinets on all sides. There will be one open area leading into the room, which will typically be less separate from the rest of the house than it would be otherwise.

Some people might feel that a kitchen with this sort of format is a bit crowded. However, they will have much more space for cabinets and counters when they adopt the horseshoe format. Many like the fact that it makes the room look very tidy and well-ordered. They will have plenty of space for everything, and they can easily rotate from one counter to the next one.

Professional Kitchen Remodeling

People who have decided on a design should get in touch with Authentic Custom Cabinetry. Of course, people can still work with the professionals at Authentic Custom Cabinetry to decide on a perfect design as well. Some homeowners may not know what will exactly work for their space.

Some designs will just be too inefficient for smaller or larger kitchens, even if they are effective designs in more general terms. Design professionals can help people look over their current spaces, giving them the chance to pick the kitchen that will truly be ideal for them. There are plenty of designs that are both versatile and efficient.

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