Ready to Renovate? Six Must-Have Features for Your Dream Kitchen

December 12, 2019

Planning a kitchen renovation project is exciting. You know it’s going to require a lot of time, effort and sticking to a budget, but it will be worth it once you see the final result. From replacing old fixtures to deciding on new kitchen cabinets in your Las Vegas, NV home, here’s a look at six must-have features to consider for your kitchen renovation project:

  • Quality countertops: If your budget allows room to buy natural stone countertops, go for it. Start by looking at granite countertop options. Granite stone is beautiful, and it’s more durable than other materials used for countertops. It is tough and stands up well to regular wear and tear. Granite’s hard quality makes it resistant to scratches, as well as to cutting damage inflicted by kitchen knives. It also resists heat, making it ideal for installation near the range or stove.
  • Statement light fixtures: Take a good look at the current lighting in and around your kitchen. If the light fixtures are not visually appealing or don’t offer adequate light, then replace them with lighting that pops. Add enough functional lighting, but also splurge on a light source with larger lightbulbs and glass coverings to create a focal point in your kitchen. A statement light fixture is the perfect addition to a central area, such as over the dining room table, an island or the entrance to the kitchen.
  • Custom cabinetry: When you choose custom kitchen cabinetry for your Las Vegas, NV home, the design power is all yours. A custom cabinet maker will measure the space, identify your functional, storage and aesthetic needs, then help you through the cabinet design process. Also, consider installing lighting above, below and inside your cabinets, which contributes to the mood in the room and also provides functional value. Ultimately, custom cabinetry is the best way to ensure your kitchen is unique.
  • Farmhouse sink: Kitchen sinks need to be bigger than bathroom sinks. They need to be large enough to clean pots, pans and platters and deep enough for food prep (washing, peeling, defrosting frozen items). This is where farmhouse sinks come into the picture. These sinks are timeless focal points in kitchens and are designed with both taller and shorter people in mind.
  • Appliance garage: An appliance garage is a built-in kitchen feature designed to conceal small countertop appliances when they are not in use, like coffee makers, mixers, toaster ovens and food processors. This leads to easier storage of your smaller, more regularly used appliances.
  • Enclosed trash bin: Many of us grew up in households where the kitchen trash can stood uncovered somewhere in the kitchen area. Today, as an adult with your own home, you are well aware that trash and recycling bins can take up a substantial amount of floor space. They also emanate nasty odors and are enticing to pets (as well as pests). Choose to install a low pull-out cabinet in the island or under the sink specifically to hide these bins.

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