Create a Smart Home with Motorized Kitchen Cabinets

August 28, 2020

Motorized cabinets are the latest in kitchen design. From hygiene benefits to accessibility, this new development offers promise, and cabinets are being designed to accommodate this feature. No matter the style you choose, motorized cabinets and drawers are easily installed and offer plenty of convenience. Here are five benefits of motorized cabinets in Las Vegas, NV:

  • Accessibility: There is a greater demand for designing homes in general so customers can age in place. Motorized cabinets can open with a touch, and voice commands are next in these developments. Cabinets can even lift or lower and close automatically, which accommodates a number of mobility concerns. People can live independently longer with expanded technological help and enjoy a safer and more accessible home.
  • Cleaner design: Motorized shelves and doors can hide kitchen supplies automatically. One example is a shelf in a kitchen island that stores small appliances but only rises when asked. Items are accessible, and yet there is no clutter. You can lower the shelf again with a button or set it to retract after being available for a certain amount of time. If you have always hated counter clutter but did not know how to manage it better, this feature is likely a dream come true!
  • Automation routines: Many of these motorized options are controlled by smartphone apps. Just as you can use apps to turn on your thermostat or disarm security systems, apps can also raise shelves, turn on lights and open cabinets so everything is accessible when you enter the kitchen to cook. Many of these features can be programmed on timers so the same tasks happen every day or weekday. Basically, your kitchen will be ready for you when you come home from work.
  • Reduced design footprint: It used to be that any type of modern convenience came with wires and other intrusive elements. The purchase of these devices used to be comparable to a down payment when contrasted with the cost of installation. Now with mobile devices, smaller battery cases and wireless technology, these developments do not require the footprint their counterparts did in the past. Your motorized cabinets and drawers will not look radically different from their conventional counterparts, and you will not have to perform extra maintenance. After all, designs that reduce clutter also do not produce additional clutter.
  • Ready for voice control: Cabinets that open with a touch are already convenient, but imagine if your hands are covered with raw chicken juice and all you need to do is ask the cabinet to open. As COVID-19 raises hygiene concerns, voice-controlled, no-touch systems are in high demand. Technologies like Amazon’s Alexa already offer kitchen-compatible applications, and these options will only continue to expand. Motorized cabinets allow you to be ready for these developments.

If you wish to experience the benefits of motorized cabinets in Henderson, Enterprise and Summerlin, NV, Authentic Custom Cabinetry can make that a reality in your home. From traditional to modern, we can find a cabinet design that works for you and your automation requirements. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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