Benefits of Including Pullout Drawers in Your Kitchen Space

June 11, 2020

Poorly laid out and constructed cabinets really make it challenging to get around in the kitchen. All of our lives are hectic, but putting together a meal for your family shouldn’t be a hurdle just because of the cabinets in your kitchen. When perusing modern cabinet ideas in Las Vegas, NV, there are several options you can consider that offer pull out drawers and shelves to increase accessibility, ease and storage space.

Improved functionality

As you are considering different modern cabinet ideas for your kitchen in Henderson, NV, you definitely want to look at adding pullout drawers. Instead of standard cabinets, pullout shelves increase space, meaning you store more of your appliances, equipment, ingredients and anything else you need in your kitchen.

With drawers in your cabinets, you cut down on the time required to throw together a meal. No longer will you have to get down on your hands and knees to dig through dark cabinets in order to look for the lid to your pot or the base of your blender. Simply slide the shelf out and find what you need in a few seconds.

Increased accessibility

Hard-to-reach items make it frustrating to work in your kitchen. Low cabinets with deep interiors are impossible to find anything inside, especially if you have any kind of physical ailment that makes kneeling, bending or reaching difficult. When you find it hard to go about cooking in your kitchen, you are less likely to take the time to make healthy meals for yourself and your family.

However, you no longer have to ask for assistance grabbing anything you need, because the shelves slide out of the cabinets with ease. This is particularly useful for families with senior or differently-abled members.

Additional power sources

In our digital age, there are so many devices that people might use when preparing a meal. All of these fantastic gadgets require a power source, though, and unfortunately, many kitchens don’t have as many outlets as homeowners would like. In fact, we’ve never met a homeowner who didn’t want more electrical outlets in their kitchen.

That is why people are always thrilled to learn that pullout drawers in kitchen cabinets can be built with outlets. That literally opens up the opportunities to use numerous appliances to create a dish you’ve always wanted to try while charging your tablet and phone. Many homeowners find this is one of their favorite modern cabinet ideas in Enterprise, NV!

More storage space

Are your kitchen counters cluttered? Are your current cabinets overflowing? Do you find yourself coming home with groceries and struggling to make space for items in your pantry? Brand new kitchen counters outfitted with smooth-moving pullout drawers add much-needed storage space to your kitchen. Finally, everything has its place and you have room to spare in your kitchen.

There are so many varieties of modern cabinet ideas in Summerlin, NV that it can be overwhelming to narrow down your choices. Luckily, the experts at Authentic Custom Cabinetry can help you make the right decisions for your kitchen, family and budget. Serving the Las Vegas metro area, our team is prepared to create the custom cabinets you want for your dream kitchen. Contact us today to consult our team about your cabinets.

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