How Has COVID-19 Affected Retailers and Product Showrooms?

May 15, 2020

A few months ago, most retailers spent their days focused on upcoming promotions, sales numbers and outsmarting the competition. Then COVID-19 found its way into the United States and everything changed. From statewide stay-at-home orders to people wearing face masks in public, our world is a drastically different place than it was when we rang in the new year.

But that doesn’t mean shoppers can’t explore modern cabinet ideas in Las Vegas, NV from the comfort and safety of their homes.

New shopping behaviors

Even though people are stuck at home for the foreseeable future, that doesn’t mean they aren’t spending money at their favorite retailers. They’ve just taken their business online instead of shopping in person. Retailers who don’t offer robust websites and fully-functioning apps are being left in the dust as tech-savvy businesses find new opportunities to connect with shoppers.

For example, at Authentic Custom Cabinetry, we’ve found that consumers are still eager to consider home improvement projects. These users are going online to peruse various modern cabinet ideas in Henderson, NV via the digital showroom on our website.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, people usually met with us in-person to discuss what they had in mind for their custom cabinets. Now, those conversations are taking place online via email and social media.

More than anything, retailers that embraced agility years ago have been able to make the transition, while others that didn’t invest in digital assets are struggling to stay relevant and afloat. Many believe that once the pandemic is over, people will return to their old buying behaviors. However, with the ease of shopping online, these new consumer patterns may be permanent.

Facing the inevitable

Eventually, some portion of any business must be handled face to face, especially when it comes to the execution modern cabinet ideas in Summerlin, NV, so that means retailers do need to consider how they are interacting with clients offline. This includes taking safety precautions that some might consider unnecessary or excessive.

Wearing gloves and masks, carrying hand sanitizer and respecting social distancing guidelines demonstrates to your customers that you care about their safety and health.

Also, the COVID-19 pandemic presents opportunities that look like challenges at first glance. For instance, tens of millions of people across the country are facing unemployment or underemployment. While this might seem like a negative factor for your bottom line, it actually presents a chance to reevaluate your pricing model and offer more cost-effective options for your customers.

This is the time to work together, too. That means finding business partners to share the wealth with when it comes to providing products and services in bundles or packages. This allows your company to reach a new audience while building long-term relationships that will benefit your enterprise long after COVID-19 has run its course.

So, you’re sitting there scrolling through modern cabinet ideas in Enterprise, NV, trying to decide what will work best in your home. Consult the experts and get your questions answered today. Authentic Custom Cabinetry is ready to help you install the cabinets you’ve always wanted. Start the process of crafting your perfect cabinets from the comfort of your home. Get in touch with us today!

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