What It Means to Work with Licensed and Bonded Cabinet Makers

November 21, 2019

Whenever you hire a contractor to take on a job for you, it’s important to work with one who is licensed and bonded, and this includes your custom cabinet makers. Working with unlicensed contractors opens you up to otherwise avoidable risks, including potential legal action and voided warranties.

Here’s a quick overview of what it means to work with licensed and bonded cabinet makers in Phoenix, AZ.

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States have laws and regulations in place that require most types of skilled laborers to be licensed for their field of work. Plumbers and electricians, for example, are almost always required to have licenses. General contractors will have a license to perform a variety of tasks. There might be additional requirements for certain tradespeople to achieve licensure, including a certain level of education or work experience, or passing certain types of examinations. Licenses might also not be issued until the contractor has workers’ compensation and/or liability insurance.

Cabinet makers don’t necessarily have to be licensed in all states, but those who are offer their clients greater guarantees of the quality of their work.


In many cases, being bonded is a prerequisite to obtaining a license. A bonded contractor has purchased a surety bond, which is a form of insurance policy that protects the property owner during a job. There is a certain amount of liability protection granted by this bond. Failure on the part of the contractor to complete the job as agreed upon can result in the bond compensating the property owner.

For that payout to occur, the property owner would need to file a claim with the state contractors board, proving the contractor did not perform the work as contracted. Homeowners are also, in some cases, required to attempt to collect money from their contractor before they file that claim. The bond may or may not be sufficient to pay out the claim, depending on the size of the bond and the existence of other claims against the bond. An attorney can help you determine how much protection is offered in the bond and can work with you to process your claim and maximize your chances of success.

There are a variety of reasons why it’s important to only work with licensed and bonded cabinet makers in Phoenix, AZ. For one thing, licensed contractors are much more likely to comply with permit and inspection requirements, meaning all your work will be up to code and designed and constructed to a higher standard of quality. The workmanship from a licensed and bonded contractor will just about always be higher.

In addition, working with unlicensed contractors could result in you waiving your right to make warranty claims, which could result in you losing a lot of money. It’s much safer financially to work with a licensed and bonded contractor, both in terms of the quality of the work and in terms of your ability to preserve the warranty.

For more information, contact the team of licensed and bonded cabinet makers in Phoenix, AZ at Authentic Custom Cabinetry today.

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