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Ideas for Creating the Perfect Coastal Style Kitchen

October 28, 2021

Creating the perfect coastal-style kitchen can happen regardless of your surroundings. Whether you’re in a cottage on the seashore or a rambler in the mountains, you can have a coastal-style kitchen with a bit of effort and ingenuity. Let’s start with the basics. Here, we’ll run through some basic cabinets, countertop, range, sink, and other options to bring the ocean side to your home.


Kitchen cabinets are the foundational piece of any coastal style kitchen. In a kitchen inspired by the coast, lighter shades are used. Shaker cabinets tend to be the most popular option in beach kitchens, with white or light gray, or blue colors. When choosing a color palette, some prefer a two-tone approach with a soft blue or gray base and white upper cabinets.

Upper cabinets will usually have glass panel doors, exposing the cabinet’s interior, providing an open, welcoming feel. Avoid any dark woods or color schemes.


Countertops need to tie in with the cabinets. Some designs require countertops to offset the cabinetry. That’s not the case with coastal kitchen styles. Think of granite or quartz in light colors. There are quartz options that emulate pebbles found along the shoreline, sandy shores, and more. Granites can add a significant brightness to the space, giving its unique characteristic to the overall aesthetic.

There are newer types of countertops available, such as glass that use recycled glass with resin blends. Those can be quite alluring.

Range and Oven

Your appliances aren’t the focus in a coastal kitchen. Look for muted tones. Stainless steel works well with a white cabinet style. If you want to keep your colors as muted as possible, go with white appliances. They won’t stand out, but that’s the point with this style. The range itself will look great with a classic gas burner setup.

The hood in stainless steel gives a pop of style that pleasantly catches the eye. You can also cover the hood with a piece of marble or porcelain. Keep the appliances elegant and straightforward without too much grandeur, so they don’t overwhelm the room.


Sinks can be tricky here. You want something with enough size to handle the catch of the day but also minimal enough not to stand out. It’s possible to have both with the under-mount sink. It lies beneath the countertop, allowing the focus to remain on the cabinetry and counters without losing functionality.

Other options that work are porcelain or stainless-steel sink like a farmhouse kitchen sink. These are more exposed and allow for more room when cleaning up, though they show more of themselves, which could draw attention.


Fixtures and hardware in a coastal kitchen tend to fall on the simpler side. A coastal style is nothing if not simple. White cabinets with brushed nickel that matches the stainless-steel appliances are a good look, as is gold hardware.

If the cabinetry is a different color, find a muted tone that fits it without being too dramatic. One recommendation could be to use oversized drawer pulls on cabinets and drawers.

Other Elements to Tie it Together

Think about what the coast means to you. Are your memories of the coast reminiscent of a lifeguard chair with children playing in the water? If so, try for a tall lifeguard-style chair with stripes for seating at the island. Maybe bring some gold light sconces down from the ceiling above the island to add a light, sunny feel to the room.

Rattan pendant lighting can add a touch of the islands to your overall aesthetic.

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