How to Create the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen Look

September 15, 2021

Bright Farmhouse Kitchen with open cabinets
If you are wanting your home to have a modern farmhouse style, then one of the first places you need to start your remodel and home improvement is going to be in your kitchen. The kitchen is generally considered to be one of the main focal points of the home, and this is especially true within the farmhouse aesthetic. Family and friends all spend time here, so it’s essential to make it as welcoming and stylish as possible. Let’s look at some options for a farmhouse kitchen, from cabinets and countertops to ovens and fixtures.


Traditional cabinets will do a lot to set the tone of your farmhouse kitchen. One of the most eye-catching options that will work excellently with the farmhouse aesthetic is white shaker cabinetry. This style will give your kitchen a warm, light, open, and airy feel while also creating uniformity to the overall room’s design. A farmhouse kitchen with exposed wood beams is the perfect canvas to create a beautiful, rustic grandness. There are several options available to match this style, and if making a traditional, attractive kitchen is your goal, this is the perfect option.

Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Grey Cabinets

Install an island to be the centerpiece of the room, using a darker color shaker to contrast with the surroundings. The island will serve as the central gathering place in the room, bringing the family and friends together in a comfortable, elegant setting. Tie in contemporary materials like steel and marble to complete the room.


Countertops should be subtle enough to blend effortlessly with the simple design themes of a farmhouse kitchen. Materials like white marble work well when paired with a darker base, while a darker surface works to offset the white shaker cabinets. Incorporating butcherblock into sections of the countertop will help break up the solid lines of the counter while adding to the overall rustic look of the room.

Range and Oven

White Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Floors and Silver Fixtures

A gas cooktop makes the perfect addition to the farmhouse kitchen. The rustic look of the open flame will tie the cooktop into the design flawlessly while keeping the impression that the kitchen isn’t filled with overly complicated, technical electronics. A double-wall oven is almost essential in a farmhouse kitchen. The oven can be integrated into the cabinetry and will provide enough cooking space for family gatherings.

Look for a uniform and straightforward range hood. It should complement and accent the surrounding cabinets. Again, be sure to hide modern-looking appliances to keep the rustic look.


A farmhouse kitchen sink is as recognizable as, well, a farmhouse. Exposed apron-front sinks allow closer access to the sink, meaning you don’t have to bend as much. Convenient, comfortable, and stylish, these sinks have become more popular than ever before. Commonly referred to as a butler or Belfast sink, these are available in several configurations with a variety of materials to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a cast iron, fireclay, copper, or stainless-steel sink, you’ll love the way it blends seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the farmhouse kitchen.


Gold Fixtured Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen fixtures should strike an elegant balance of form and function. Modern lighting fixtures like candle-light chandeliers are an excellent option for lighting the kitchen island while providing the perfect aesthetic tie-in with the overall theme of the room.
Hanging fixtures work well as they can be set at any level regardless of ceiling height. A great option for over your kitchen island, these lights will provide ample light while remaining discreet.

Other Elements to Tie it Together

Open shelving and freestanding furniture were the traditional styles in most farmhouse kitchens in the past. Open shelving is still a viable option and will help a small kitchen appear more prominent.

Pot racks make the perfect accent to the range and provide a convenient and easy way to retrieve your cookware. Adding a pot rack to the back of the kitchen island is a good option for those that don’t want to display their cookware for all to see.

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