6 European Kitchen Design Trends to Know for 2020

November 27, 2020

Design trends all over the world will vary from year to year. People will not usually create entirely new kitchens every year. However, if they are already going to remodel their kitchens, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the most fashionable design layouts. Plenty of these designs actually have practical benefits. Homeowners can appreciate these kinds of kitchens on many different levels.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

There are many people who have always appreciated kitchen cabinets that are relatively dark in color. White or brightly colored kitchen cabinets have been the standard for quite some time. In modernist and minimalist kitchens, almost everything seems to be white or gray, in fact. However, this trend is beginning to reverse itself.

A lot of people adore dark colors in general. Some have said that darker kitchen cabinets will make everything less cheery, but there is no reason to believe that this is actually the case. A kitchen like this will often look sleek and sharp. Homeowners also can conceal stains and different abrasions more easily if they have black or darker kitchen cabinets, especially if they are interested in similar colors throughout the entire kitchen.

Even those who maintain a consistently clean kitchen at all times will still want surfaces that look clean almost effortlessly, which is much more likely to be the case if the kitchen has darker or black cabinets and features. People can add more colors throughout their kitchens in order to balance out the darker colors that will dominate a lot of fashionable kitchens.

Quartz Kitchen Counters

Not all trends are going to represent a complete break from the norm this year. Homeowners have liked quartz counters for a while, and that is not going to change any time soon. Quartz is a very convenient material for kitchen counters, and it has a lot of inherent benefits.

Counters made from quartz are not porous, which means they are not going to become stained anywhere near as easily as plenty of other counters. Keeping a counter clean is so much easier when that counter is made from quartz. People can find a way to make a wide range of different designs work when they have quartz counters. These are counters that will fit with plenty of the other design trends for this year.

Quartz Kitchen Counters

Ceramic Tiles

When ceramic tiles are glazed, they can actually last for a while. They are also highly resistant to various stains, including water stains. They are resistant to all forms of moisture. That makes them perfect for both bathrooms and kitchens.

People might decide to add ceramic tiles to their bathrooms as well as to their kitchens this year. One way or another, they will have floors that will last, and that will not start to look unclean for no apparent reason.


People in general are trying to find ways of letting more natural light into their rooms. They can save a lot of money on electricity that way. Adding a patio or a window that extends all the way to the ground can be a great next step for anyone.

The larger window will let in plenty of sunlight. When a patio is connected right to the kitchen, people can very easily get from their kitchen to the patio. This should be easier for the people who are trying to entertain. Those who just want to be able to enjoy the day’s weather after preparing breakfast will enjoy this sort of setup just as much.

Hardwood Floors

Putting hardwood floors in the kitchen and throughout the entire house has been trendy for a while, and this is still the case in 2020. People can clean up their kitchen floors quickly when they have hardwood floors. Nice hardwood floors can also give almost any space a much more polished look than it would have otherwise.

Hardwood floors do not look overly luxurious or too simple. They have a balance to them, which will make a very broad range of customers appreciate them for some time. Hardwood floors also look great in kitchens and other rooms that feature much darker colors. Since darker colors are also popular, that should only improve the reputation of hardwood floors this year.


Versatile Kitchen Islands

In a lot of kitchens, the island is really just taking up space. While people will still sit there and entertain there, the island could have more functions that are just going to waste. People are now going to install sinks in their kitchen islands.

The island is also a great place for drawers and other types of storage. People will have an easy time making sure that they have enough room for everything in their kitchens when they can add drawers and other storage features to their kitchen islands.

An island like this is not just practical. A lot of people will think that it is more stylish. They will see this sort of island as put-together. No space is being wasted. It is an island that has more features than most, improving it.

Redesigning Kitchens Professionally

You can work with our professional designers at Authentic Custom Cabinetry and get new kitchens that are made according to some of these new and trendy design principles. Whether you are looking to update your kitchen to meet the latest trend, or want to update your space with quality craftsmanship, our designers will help give you the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, or for more information.

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