Six Ideas for Using Accent Colors to Make Your Kitchen Pop

August 14, 2020

Kitchen design seems to be favoring wood-colored cabinets for 2020, with some demand for plain white cabinets. No matter what becomes the dominant preference, color still figures prominently with luxurious kitchen cabinet design. If you are looking at changing kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas, Henderson, Enterprise or Summerlin, NV this year, here are six ideas for using accent colors to their maximum effect:

  • Purchase colorful cabinets: Cabinets are 60 percent of your kitchen’s surface. Many customers care less about trends and more about adding color to a room where they spend much of their time. Colorful cabinets are clean, modern and an excellent way to create an expressive and unique kitchen. You can either choose the color of cabinets you desire or arrange to paint the ones already installed in your kitchen.
  • Try interior color and glass doors: Glass cabinet doors with painted interiors are a bold way to add color to a kitchen. This is especially a favorite of customers who own colorful kitchenware and collectibles. The only disadvantage is that you will have to keep your storage neat so the glass doors reveal great design instead of a big mess. You can also reserve this element for cabinets that store fancy drinkware or antique china, while your everyday stuff stays behind solid doors.
  • Paint doors: A door to the pantry, a utility room or even a half-bath off the kitchen does not need to be boring. Consider adding color by painting those doors and making them fresh and bold. You can choose a bright color to add pop, or darker colors to hide grime and dirt. Basically, anything is better than the standard white if you are wishing to make a statement without significant effort.
  • Install tile: A tile backsplash behind the sink or stove offers a bright spot in your kitchen along with protective elements. It is easier to wipe off water or grease from tile than a plain wall. Tile also creates divides between kitchens and other rooms in an open floor plan, and you can upholster kitchen chairs to match the tile to draw it all together. Also, using tile for smaller spaces allows you to enjoy its beauty without killing your budget.
  • Add rugs and runners: Floor coverings don’t have to be limited to bedrooms and living rooms. In winter, you will be happy to have a rug in your kitchen as you get your morning coffee. Runners placed between islands and perimeter countertops allow for great design transition. You can also place shock-absorbing rugs in front of stoves and sinks, as that will reduce pressure on your knees as you stand. Just be sure to add non-skid pads underneath and choose materials that stand up well to foot traffic.
  • Go for fabrics: Your stark white kitchen can pop more with colorful fabrics. Obtain them through upholstered kitchen chairs and bright dish towels. If you have a breakfast nook or a dining bench against the wall, add a few pillows.

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