Maximize Your Kitchen Space with These Tips

March 31, 2020

Every homeowner struggles with keeping kitchen countertops clear of small kitchen appliances, cooking utensils and other random odds and ends that don’t have a proper place in a cabinet. These items clutter important space needed to prepare meals, dine with your family and thoroughly clean up afterwards. Luckily, with custom-made cabinet ideas in Summerlin NV, you can maximize the space in your kitchen for storage.

Tips for improving kitchen storage options

People are surprised to learn the extent of custom-made cabinet ideas in Enterprise, NV and how they can increase storage spaces in their kitchens. There are many different options to choose from, so you can customize the look you want for your kitchen:

  • Pull-out cabinets and drawers: This is one of the most requested changes people ask for when we are working on new cabinets for kitchens. There are so many uses for these cabinet and drawer types. From garbage and recycling bins to large tabletop appliances, like mixers, toaster ovens, coffeemakers and so on, pull-out cabinets and drawers make keeping the kitchen organized so much easier than ever before. These work well for those heavier appliances because you’re not on your hands and knees digging in the back of your cabinets to pull out what you’re looking for.
  • Under-cabinet toe-kick drawers: These are ideal for storing flat or small items, such as baking sheets, serving platters, cutting boards or spare utensils.
  • Cabinet door storage shelves: Some small, simple shelves inside your cabinets can make some much-needed extra space for items like cleaning supplies, spices and so on.
  • In-cabinet stacking shelves: Instead of sloppy piles of pots, pans and their accompanying lids, stacking shelves create additional space for cleanly storing these items, making them easier to find when you’re cooking dinner.
  • Spice shelves: A cabinet dedicated to storing small spice bottles and containers is easy to add to a kitchen. This slim space with a door organizes all of your spices and herbs and clears up room in your pantry and other kitchen cabinets to store larger items.
  • Vertical pan storage: In your bigger cabinets, adding vertical pan storage is another way to organize pans, baking sheets, serving platters and other flat items you use in the kitchen.
  • Sink tip-out tray: Most sinks are built with a fake drawer facade which serves no purpose unless you want to add a tip-out tray. This is the perfect spot to store dish cleaning necessities like sponges and brushes.

If you decided to turn these custom-made cabinet ideas in Henderson, NV into reality in your kitchen, you’ll want to hire a cabinet expert that understands how to best maximize space and meet your needs. Every home and family is different, and a cabinet maker should offer customized solutions that provide you with what you envision for your kitchen or any other room in your home.

For more than 30 years, Authentic Custom Cabinetry has worked with clients throughout the Las Vegas area, delivering stunning results at reasonable prices. As a member of the National Association of Home Builders, National Association of the Remodeling Industry and National Kitchen and Bath Association, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every client by offering the best in cabinet services. Contact us today to discuss custom-made cabinet ideas for your Las Vegas, NV home.

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