Tips for Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

February 7, 2020

A kitchen remodel is one of the most popular types of home renovation. Not only do kitchen remodels improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a home, they can also boost a home’s value significantly. From new flooring and countertops to custom made cabinets in Phoenix, AZ, there are lots of different ways you can improve your kitchen with a renovation. To maximize the benefits of a kitchen remodel, it’s important to do plenty of planning in advance. Following some simple tips for planning a kitchen remodel allows you to get the most out of the renovation process and avoid disasters and delays:

  • Start with budgeting: The cost of kitchen remodeling varies widely from project to project, and expenses can really start to add up without a solid baseline budget. Before moving forward with your remodeling project, begin by doing some research and establishing a reasonable budget. Start with a list of the renovations you want to complete, determine the cost of each element and include them in your remodeling plan in order of importance.
  • Consider the style and layout of your space: It’s almost impossible to emulate the designs in home magazines in a kitchen that has a completely different look, layout and floorplan. The best kitchen remodel is one that is designed to maximize the unique features and characteristics of your space. Look for inspiration in photos of kitchens that have design features that are similar to yours and plan upgrades and improvements that will complement existing elements.
  • Keep appliances consistent: For the sake of your kitchen’s appearance, it’s always best to keep appliances in a consistent style. If you’re upgrading to a shiny new oven, you might want to consider replacing your microwave and dishwasher, too. Appliances made from mismatched materials with different styles can distract from the overall appearance of your kitchen, so try to upgrade your appliances all at once instead of doing it one by one. Replacing appliances all at once also makes it easier to keep track of maintenance over time.
  • Invest in projects with the biggest impact: All kitchen remodeling projects have the potential to improve the appearance and functionality of your space, but not all projects have the same level of impact. Some changes, like new appliances, can significantly improve the functionality of your kitchen, boost energy efficiency and increase the value of your home. Investing in custom made cabinets in Phoenix, AZ is another great way to maximize your remodel with something that will make a huge difference. New cabinets can completely transform a kitchen, not to mention the fact that they offer additional organizational and functional benefits.
  • Plan for your living arrangements: Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll likely be living in your home during your kitchen remodel. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to eat out for every meal, though. You can improvise by setting up a space elsewhere in the home where you can stash some dishes and other accessories in one of your old cabinets. Perhaps you can move your old fridge to the garage and stock it with premade meals that can be microwaved as needed. The process won’t be without its challenges, but just keep in mind how much you’ll love your updated kitchen when it’s all over!

Custom made cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

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