Top Benefits of Custom Commercial Cabinets for Your Las Vegas Office

November 7, 2019

Cabinets in the workplace are an often-overlooked feature, even though they play a sizable role in office storage and aesthetics. After all, your employees’ belongings and desk supplies would be scattered all around the building if it weren’t for cabinets. But even when business owners finally do decide to replace or install new office cabinets, they tend to run into an all too common problem: choosing pre-manufactured cabinets instead of custom-made cabinets. You should always consider custom cabinetry, and here’s why:

  • Choose what you need: First and foremost, custom-designed office cabinets are the best way to get the type and amount of storage you need. If you need cabinets with one shelf, multiple shelves or no shelves, you can get them. If you want cabinets built around large office equipment to disguise or protect pieces, this can be done, too. Drawers or no drawers, or drawers of varying sizes? Of course! No matter what you need from cabinet storage units, going the custom route allows you to get cabinets that meet your unique specifications.
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  • Custom made is more unique: Custom-made cabinets are not only practical, but they can also improve office aesthetics. Sure, you can achieve a different look with cabinets purchased from a home improvement store, but your options are limited to their choices rather than yours. When coming up with Las Vegas custom commercial cabinet ideas for your office, you get to design and choose every aspect of the cabinets. Take the opportunity to make your new office cabinets uniquely yours.
  • Perfect fit: Don’t fret over odd room measurements or unusual corner-to-corner angles. Another advantage of choosing custom-made office cabinets is that they are guaranteed to fit regardless of your space. Every square inch of your office space can benefit from a custom design job.
  • Impress clients: Whether you’re giving a potential employee or partner a tour of your office or hosting client meetings, how your space looks says a lot about your business. Custom cabinets in main areas are sure to impress visitors.
  • Long lifespan: Although some brands and designs of premade office cabinets from home improvement stores are of good quality, they’re not handmade individually by a skilled cabinet maker. On the other hand, the materials used for your custom commercial cabinets are chosen carefully and the entire design is meticulously planned by an experienced pro. It may take more time and cost more money, but it’s a truly worthwhile investment.
  • Safe delivery: Buying factory-made cabinets from big box stores leaves you with few delivery options. You can either load them up and haul them yourself, or pay the store’s delivery fee. In the case of a company that uses a freight carrier, the goods may arrive damaged because of the lack of care. When you commission custom-made cabinets locally, the larger custom cabinetry companies have their own trucks and, as a part of their exceptional customer service, want to deliver their handmade products themselves.

If you’re looking for a team in Las Vegas to help brainstorm custom commercial cabinet ideas, look no further than Authentic Custom Cabinetry. Call us today to arrange a consultation.

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