Five Warning Signs You’re Getting a Bad Contractor Bid

September 25, 2019

Choosing the right contractor is key to a successful project. After all, the final results are ultimately in the contractor’s hands. If you choose poorly, your custom cabinets in Las Vegas, NV will not turn out how you desired. Whatever project you are considering, it’s important to recognize red flags that you’re getting a bad bid.

The following are common warning signs that the contractor is not someone to be trusted with your project. Watch for these signs, and take your business elsewhere if these red flags start waving:

  • Budget rates: Everyone likes a good deal, but you have to be careful with bottom-of-the-barrel prices when it comes to projects such as custom cabinets in Las Vegas, NV. As you compare various contractors, rates should be reasonably close based on current market prices. If a contractor provides a bid that is considerably lower than other companies, you should wonder why. They may be cutting corners to get the job done at a lower cost. They may also underbid because they are desperate for work, which is also a bad sign.
  • Pre-payment: An initial payment before the project begins is standard practice for contractors. It is normal for a contractor to ask for some of the money up front to purchase supplies and confirm the contract with the customer. However, this pre-payment should only come out to roughly 10 to 15 percent of the full project price. A contractor who is asking for more than this up front may be pulling a scam, or they may be having financial difficulties, which doesn’t bode well for you.
  • Cash only: If the contractor won’t accept plastic or check, something is off. For your protection and theirs, payments must be trackable. Using a debit card, credit card or check leaves a paper trail (or digital trail) that can be traced to prove what payments have been made. If the contractor asks for cash-only payments, be aware that this is not standard practice. Additionally, keep in mind that the final payment should not be required until the project is complete.
  • No contract: If the contractor expects you to work with their company based on a conversation and a handshake, take your business elsewhere. Any project, from minor repairs to all-new custom cabinets in Las Vegas, NV, should be detailed in a contract between the company and the customer. It’s crucial to have all the details in writing before the project begins. This is standard practice for professional contractors, so don’t accept anything less.
  • Instant answer: The contractor should not demand an answer on the spot. If you receive a proposal, you should be able to take time to compare it to other contractors’ proposals and make a decision later. If the contractor tells you they need an answer immediately, decline. This isn’t reasonable, and it’s a sign you are dealing with an unprofessional company.

Get a good bid

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