Are All Cabinets Created Equal?

August 1, 2019

Are All Cabinets the Same?

Because the various costs of a remodel can accumulate quickly, some homeowners may try to save money by installing the cheapest cabinets they can, find assuming that all cabinetry is more or less the same. However, all cabinets are not equal, and using cheap cabinet hardware in Las Vegas, NV could come back to haunt you in the not-too-distant future. Follow along with this comparison between Chinese-made cabinets and American cabinetry to learn what characteristics you should be looking for in a well-built cabinet.

Proper construction

Your cabinet will only be as strong as the materials that are used to construct it. The build of the cabinet could be in trouble when only staples are used to hold everything together, as they can begin to work their way loose over time. Cabinet doors that use glue and screws, on the other hand, offer improved durability and will provide a much more natural fit for all of the pieces. The cabinet box should also be strengthened from front to back using L braces, which add more stability to the top of the box than plastic corner braces.

Cabinet drawers

When it comes to the drawers of the cabinet, the fit becomes even more important. While the bottom panel of American drawers is inset on all four sides for a nice, snug fit with the frame, most Chinese cabinets are only inset on three sides, with staples on the back side. As you put more objects onto the shelf, the weight could cause the shelf to sag and rub against the cabinet frame, leading to cosmetic damage. In fact, the bottom of the shelf may potentially fall out completely, creating one big, inconvenient mess. The glides that are used on Chinese cabinets are also prone to adhesion issues, and will typically have a shorter lifespan as a result.

Using the right wood

Cabinets that are made in China utilize plywood, primarily because the cabinets have to be transported by boat, and they must be able to withstand a variety of conditions while out at sea. By the time the cabinets make it to the warehouse, they may very well be warped or bowed, and your entire installation will be flawed from the outset. Alternatively, the furniture board that is used in American-made cabinets lays flat, encouraging a much better fit for installation.

When you invest in cabinets and cabinet hardware in Las Vegas, NV, you want materials and construction that you can trust for the long term. If you choose to use cabinets that will ultimately fall apart not long after they have been installed, you will be on the hook for a brand-new set of cabinets, as well as the additional installation costs.

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