Kitchen Remodeling in Las Vegas, NV

For many, remodeling a kitchen is a high-priority project that can individualize a home design. The large number of decisions that need to be made cause many people to hesitate when starting a kitchen upgrade. The most important decision may be choosing the right kitchen design partner.

The Main Components of a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen is one room in your home that has several design elements anchored in place. Cabinetry, countertops, sinks, and heavy appliances have a permanence that can be intimidating when making choices during a remodel. The best way to get started is by familiarizing yourself with the options available.

  • Beautiful Countertops that Endure

    Most countertops are custom-made because they must be fitted to your final cabinet configuration. Consider design services to review small details like countertop thickness and edging that will play into your overall kitchen design.

    Granite is a highly attractive stone material that brings a great variety of color and design flair to a kitchen upgrade. In the Las Vegas area, finding a granite supplier with vast resources and a history of expertise in the selection, fabrication, and installation of granite countertops will help make planning your project easier.

  • And the Kitchen Sink Too

    The kitchen sink is a primary focus of your kitchen that should require a combination of function and style. Other than appliances, your sink will see a great deal of activity, so consider the model that will work best. Many older one-size-fits-all sinks could not accommodate deep pots or heavy pans, so these have been replaced with more functional and stylish sinks made from a variety of durable and attractive materials.

Your Source for Contemporary Kitchens in Las Vegas, NV

Contemporary design has easily identifiable traits. Its sleek lines and minimalist style might be misleading, since achieving a contemporary look is not necessarily simple. By mindfully considering the right components, your kitchen can be a timeless and functional centerpiece of your home.

Cabinets That Anchor Your Design

Frameless cabinets are less common in the U.S. than their framed counterparts but are increasing in popularity and have several benefits for a contemporary aesthetic. European in origin, frameless cabinets offer a sleek design, precision alignments, and maximized storage space.

Contemporary style focuses on sleek, minimalist details and a clean, effortless-looking set of elements. However, contemporary does not have to look futuristic or sterile. Smooth lines and cabinetry styles can be combined with warm woods, metals, and colors in kitchen designs that are cozy, beautiful, and functional.


Similarly, having a traditional design style does not mean eliminating clean lines or sleek design. With the right mix of cabinet style and color, a traditional aesthetic can combine all the elements that speak to you. Traditional styles pull from a variety of eras and design elements, so there are infinite possibilities.

European styles run the gamut from designs that border on historic to the sleek look of frameless cabinets. Currently, European style speaks to a more modern look that maximizes storage space in typically smaller European kitchens.

As a sub-style of contemporary design, a modern kitchen features minimalist style with flat, slab door and drawer fronts, sleek — often metallic — hardware, and no embellishments. Because achieving a modern look requires so much attention to detail, working with an experienced cabinet company can help you achieve your vision more easily.

Do You need a Professional Kitchen Remodel in Las Vegas, NV?

If you are looking for a professional kitchen remodeling company in the Las Vegas area, contact the experts at Authentic Custom Cabinetry. Our safe, in-person consultations provide access to an array of custom cabinetry designs and the expertise needed to bring your design to life.

Kitchen Remodel FAQs

Before your consultation, consider the budget and overall style of your kitchen remodel. Compile a wish list for your ideal kitchen space to start the design process.

How much will it cost to renovate my kitchen?

kitchen-remodel-las-vegas (1)

There are so many factors in a kitchen renovation that this answer can vary greatly. A cosmetic upgrade will cost less, particularly if you are only refacing cabinets, changing hardware, or making minor changes. A bigger ticket kitchen remodel could involve gutting current spaces and moving appliances. While it may help with your vision, moving plumbing and electrical services will increase costs. Expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 on up for a kitchen renovation.

What styles of cabinets can you offer?

Authentic Custom Cabinetry offers a wide array of custom cabinet styles and materials that allow the design of a truly customized look, resulting in the kitchen of your dreams.