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6 European Kitchen Design Trends to Know for 2020

November 27, 2020

Design trends all over the world will vary from year to year. People will not usually create entirely new kitchens every year. However, if they are already going to remodel their kitchens, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the most fashionable design layouts. Plenty of these designs actually have practical benefits. Homeowners can appreciate these kinds of kitchens on many different levels. Dark Kitchen Cabinets There are many people who have always appreciated kitchen cabinets that are relatively dark in color. White or brightly colored kitchen cabinets have been the standard for quite some... View Article


How Much Do Custom Cabinets Cost?

November 20, 2020

Custom cabinets are made to fit around house walls, attain ideal stature, and open freely around obstacles. Custom cabinets are made to fit the purchaser’s precise details, and the timing for the installation of these often relies upon the extent of the work and the cabinetmaker’s timetable. Custom cabinets offer customer choices for designs, materials, finishes, hardware, and layout. Custom-designed cabinets are also incredibly helpful in multipurpose rooms or around apparatuses that are not a standard size. Custom cabinetry offers boundless styles, shadings, and coatings to utilize better development than pre-assembled versions and can fit into any house space. The... View Article

Create a Smart Home with Motorized Kitchen Cabinets

August 28, 2020

Motorized cabinets are the latest in kitchen design. From hygiene benefits to accessibility, this new development offers promise, and cabinets are being designed to accommodate this feature. No matter the style you choose, motorized cabinets and drawers are easily installed and offer plenty of convenience. Here are five benefits of motorized cabinets in Las Vegas, NV: Accessibility: There is a greater demand for designing homes in general so customers can age in place. Motorized cabinets can open with a touch, and voice commands are next in these developments. Cabinets can even lift or lower and close automatically, which accommodates a... View Article

Six Ideas for Using Accent Colors to Make Your Kitchen Pop

August 14, 2020

Kitchen design seems to be favoring wood-colored cabinets for 2020, with some demand for plain white cabinets. No matter what becomes the dominant preference, color still figures prominently with luxurious kitchen cabinet design. If you are looking at changing kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas, Henderson, Enterprise or Summerlin, NV this year, here are six ideas for using accent colors to their maximum effect: Purchase colorful cabinets: Cabinets are 60 percent of your kitchen’s surface. Many customers care less about trends and more about adding color to a room where they spend much of their time. Colorful cabinets are clean, modern... View Article

The Future of Kitchen Design Due to the Pandemic

July 31, 2020

At a time when there is a lot of uncertainty going around about almost everything, we all have to adapt to new ways of doing things. If you’re embarking on a kitchen renovation project, you might have some questions about how the process will work during the pandemic. Understanding some kitchen cabinet showroom issues in Las Vegas, NV can give you a better idea of what to expect while renovating a kitchen during the current COVID-19 situation. Kitchen cabinet showroom issues in Henderson, NV Typically, homeowners who want new cabinets browse options at a showroom in person. Going to a... View Article